Fire Extinguisher Fireworks

Fire Extinguisher Fireworks

Fire Extinguisher Fireworks

DENISON, Texas — Common sense and a little planning can help fireworks aficionados avoid injury on the 4th of July holiday.  A great combination is a Fire Extinguisher and Fireworks.

“A lot of people like family packs, the shows, grand finale, roman candles are good sellers, just about everything,” Rosemary Lawrence of Stateline Fireworks said.

Stateline Fireworks is gearing up for a big weekend of sales. “Last year we probably had over 500 people in here at one time,” she said. “It really gets busy in here.”

Before those fireworks start to light up the sky, firefighters want to spread some important safety tips conerning Fire Extinguisher Fireworks– like where to have your fireworks show.

“You want to make sure you’re area is clear of any buildings, clear of any vehicles, and that it doesn’t have a lot of dead grass or debris that could ignite,” Denison Fire Chief Gregg Lloyd said.

It’s important to note that most communities prohibit fireworks within city limits. “The opportunity for ignition of buildings and structures is quite a bit more, so we just prohibit the shooting of fireworks in city limits,” Lloyd said.
When it comes to fireworks, simpler doesn’t necessarily mean safer. In fact, sparklers are one of the leading causes of 4th of July injuries.

That’s because burns — which cause 50 percent of all July 4th injuries — are more common with handheld fireworks.

And parents should take extra precautions because 35 percent of fireworks injuries affect children under the age of 15.

“I wouldn’t let small children play with any of them,” Lawrence admonished. “You light them, the adults light them, and let them stand back and watch them.”

Whether you’re unleashing a big boom or just a shower of sparks, everyone needs to keep one thing on hand. “You need to keep water close to where you’re letting fireworks off or a fire extinguisher, or charged water hose,” Lloyd said.

And for those who prefer to let an expert run the show, there are several events taking place throughout the weekend.