AA Fire Extinguisher Knows

AA Fire Extinguisher knows the value of having a fire extinguisher.

A decorated military vet is being hailed a hero for something he did on his day off. He says if it not him then who else. “She was coming off the off ramp so I went around and made a U-turn,” said James Takes, technician at Brothers Heating and Cooling. If you ask James, he’ll tell you he was at the right place at the right time. “Can’t imagine starting your day out with your car on fire,” said Takes. So when James saw flames he jumped into action. He got out of his company car and grabbed his fire extinguisher. A witness from across the street took a photo. In her Facebook post, she’s thanking the good Samaritan of Brothers. “If my wife’s car was on fire and someone had a fire extinguisher I’d hope they’d put it out,” said Takes. James was one of two people who stopped to help. Had it gotten worse the car could’ve exploded. To him, this pales in comparison to things he’d seen before. “In 2007, that area was the most dangerous place on earth,” said Takes. “More casualties more people being killed than any place on earth.” James served with the military for 18 months in Afghanistan. Before that he was in Italy. In 2009 he was discharged and in 2010 he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. Still as a technician at Brother’s Heating and Cooling, he makes it his duty to serve. “If not me than who,” said Takes.