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Fire Extinguishers must be maintained annually in accordance with Local, State and Federal Codes and Regulations. We provide a thorough examination of the of the Fire Extinguisher’s Mechanical Parts, the Fire Extinguishing Agent, and the Expelant Gas.

A licensed fire equipment professional is the only person qualified to perform an annual maintenance and inspection of your fire extinguishers. We have the appropriate “Industry Specific” servicing manuals, equipment, and the necessary training. With over 26 years experience A & A Fire Extinguisher is the best all around Service Company in Dallas Texas.

Please give us a call for your service needs. We will also be happy to provide you with a quote.

Please note that all Fire Extinguisher products are not the same. Our prices are for the finest Fire Extinguisher Equipment manufactured with all metal and no plastic parts. Our prices indicate quality with your safety in mind.

A & A Fire Extinguisher is a Full – Service organization dedicated to consistently providing high Customer Satisfaction by rendering excellent service, quality products, and at an acceptable price/value relationship. We respect diversity, ideas, and hard work. We will always supply services and products that are of the highest quality.